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About me

As an avid animal lover I decided to remove all animal products from my diet and lifestyle. This was a decision that felt right for me. For about 3 years I surrounded myself in just about every processed vegan item on the market. And I can admit there are some really delicious options, but I realized I wasn't feeling great. Junk food can be great on occasion, but for me it wasn't giving me the fuel I needed.

So, I made a change and switched to eating mostly whole plant foods. After only a few weeks I found that I was feeling amazing! And I was falling in love with cooking all over again as I could no longer depend on convenience foods. 

My goal is to share amazingly tasty recipes that you can incorporate into your diet that will fuel your body. Regardless if you're vegan, plant based, omnivore or somewhere in between I know you're going to enjoy these plant filled recipes.

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